ESGL features a new "hybrid" league system that allows competitors to play how they want while we keep track of the results. Watch the video above to get an idea of just how flexible competition can be in the future.


The Electronic Sports and Gaming League is an upcoming competitive platform that features a new hybrid league system. After two years of development and talking to various pros and figure heads in the community, we're ready to release a sneak peek of what's to come. While ESGL is designed to host multiple game titles, we will be focusing on Super Smash Bros Melee for launch.

With new technology comes new innovation. ESGL was designed by TruckJitsu and Snail from Faster Melee. Since netplay has been becoming more and more viable for competitive play, ESGL aims to leverage this new technology to allow players to choose how they want to compete.
Faster Melee


This is only an introduction to one of our core innovations. More updates are coming that will provide detailed information on the other core features that distinguish ESGL from any other league system. Join our Discord to become part of the discussion. The ESGL Discord allows us to get feedback on current systems and give perks to testers willing to try out our upcoming Alpha service. All of our micro updates will also be posted.


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